Temple University Student Elections

Spring Elections 2017

Commissioner's Welcome

Dear Temple Freshmen,

This September 9-10th Temple Student Government will be holding our first Freshman Parliament Election; a process that is, unfortunately, typically over looked by the student body due to inadequate information. Our Parliament, being a new branch of our existing student government is the most direct and truly representative medium to enact change throughout our university. Your voice and role as an incoming Freshman into our amazing student body is not something to be taken lightly. By implementing a Parliament, which functions as a representative congress, you have, more than ever before, a loud voice in what direction Temple University will change moving forward. Your role as a freshman grants you the opportunity to seat two of your classmates amongst the rest of the University to speak on your behalf. Because of this, we encourage each and every one of you to develop your interests and opinions in our government; take pride in being part of such a proactive student government by voting for your choice in your class Parliament representative on September 9-10th 2017. 


Matthew Diamond 

Elections Commissioner